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Cooling Neck Wraps for Hot Weather

Cooling Neck Wraps for Hot Weather

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When the heat is getting the best of you, cool off with these cooling neck wraps.  I fill these with crystal gel that expands when activated with water. 

TO USE:  Soak in a bowl of luke-warm water for 10 minutes (cold water will take longer to absorb).  Take it out and squish the crystals around a bit.  Place it back in the bowl to soak for another 10-15 minutes, no longer.  Store in the fridge until ready to wear.  Or dunk it in a bowl of ice water just before putting on.

The crystals work by evaporative cooling…slowly releasing water from the crystals and onto your skin.  If it stops feeling cool, turn it over, dunk it in cold water, or put it in your cooler for a few minutes (but do not freeze it).

WHEN DONE:  Hang it somewhere to dry out.  It could take a week or two!

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS:  Do not put in the washing machine.  You can lather up a little dish washing soap in the sink and rinse it out.  

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