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I have a confession

I must confess, there is some difficulty selling my products online.  Photography needs to be onpoint to get good product representation for buyers.  But this is one of my personal downfalls.  I struggle with the lighting, image sizes, pixels...ugh.  It just isn't my thing.  I would rather move on to another project at the sewing table or just take the picture and upload as it is.  With that being said, I have set time aside to work on my listing images and try to get a little (just a little) more savvy with product photography.  
When you shop in person, you can see the vibrant colors, really take in all the product features, and most important to me, feel the fabrics.  It can be a whole experience.  If you could see my makeup bags in person, you would see one of the best features that they have.  The inside lining is vinyl!  I am not a makeup girl, but I do use makeup bags when traveling.  They can get icky, so this vinyl lining is great because you can simply take a damp cloth and wipe out whatever mess you made from makeup, to toothpaste, to deodorant!
A few years back one of my friends had bought a bag from me for an upcoming trip.  During the flight, she had a bottle of oil in her makeup bag that opened.  Now this could have been a big mess in her luggage and could have possibly ruined her clothes and such, but the vinyl lining of the makeup bag contained all the oil and saved her items outside of the makeup bag!
I would love for you to check out my makeup bags on my website.  They have a new fresh look with new pictures.  If you have a sporty girl, traveling friend, or you are getting ready for that big trip, you may just find the right pattern to fit the need.  If not, let me know!  I love adding patterns to the mix, even if I have to take photos :)

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