Does this annoy you?

Does this annoy you?

One thing that I have discovered while running my small handmade business is that I can not make just one product.  I am ok sitting in front of the sewing machine making the same thing over and over, but incorporating new products and different patterns takes some of the monotony away.  

There is a new accessory in the shop!  I have added sleeve clips to the mix.  What are sleeve clips you ask?  Well, have you ever had those moments when you are out in the sun, maybe sitting in the bleachers watching a game or out on the field and you try to roll up your tshirt sleeves and they just won't stay put?  That's where a sleeve clip comes into play.  They are short pieces of elastic ribbon that you can wrap around your t-shirt sleeve, close with a snap, and turn that t-shirt into a tank top!  I decided to use plastic snaps so they won't heat up under the sun.  I have added many sport patterns and some blingy ones as well.  Check them all out here.

When you are thinking of little stocking stuffers or a just because gift, these may do the trick!

Have a great day today! 

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